At Green and Clean, the focus of our attention is the supreme look of your car. We create a wow-effect once we return a car to an original look it had once it left the dealership. We clean, polish, shine and protect the paint and interior in many ways. If you are looking for a faithful partner who would gently take as good care about your vehicle as you would, you are in the right place.

Full-heartedly welcome!

Green and Clean Solution

Green and Clean offers environmentally friendly solutions to bring a car to its initial show room look both inside and outside. Besides an important factor of delivering supreme result, we are eager to provide the service that is efficient, convenient and has minimal negative effect on environment.

We offer full service car wash. This means that a car is clean not only on the exterior but also on the interior. This is the most comprehensive type of car wash and is excellent value for money.

car-care-serviceWe employ exterior hand car wash. Anyone who has ever been through a mechanical car wash will know that only hand car wash can take care of all the dirt on the car without scratching the paint. Our service includes wheel break dust removal, tire shine, opening the door and washing door jambs, which are the areas that are rarely cleaned properly. Will hand car wash scratch the paint of a car? No. We employ the best chemical solutions, which lubricate and lift up the dirt creating a layer of protection on the paint prior to wiping off the dirt.